Book Overview

The Busy Couple’s Guide to Everyday Romance

        Fun and Easy Ways to Keep the Spark Alive

by Editha Rodriguez


Is Your Jam-Packed Schedule Getting In the Way of

                    Romancing Your Partner?

Romance doesn’t ever have to take a backseat to work, kids, chores, or any of the other constant demands of your multi-tasking life. The most important person in your world deserves to feel loved, cherished, and appreciated, right now and always. And you deserve the same!

It doesn’t require a lot of time, money, or energy to make each other feel special every day. Editha Rodriguez brings you the romantic wisdom of busy couples just like you-living their own happily-ever-after romances. They reveal their secret to keeping intimately attuned to what makes each other joyful and committed to creating an environment of trust, devotion, and respect.

This down-to-earth couple’s guide shows you how to freshen up and strengthen your relationship by minimizing distractions and finding new ways to demonstrate love, including:

  • Using a “turn-on” list when your partner’s romantic mood is “off”
  • Making your bedroom a sanctuary
  • Appreciating the importance of “away” time
  • Letting the kids plan some of your date nights
  • Creating a Romance Box

As long as you have the desire and intention to make your relationship a priority, everyday romance-whether you’re together two years, twenty years, or fifty years-is possible. This book shows you why, and how.

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