Renew Your Commitment

Never, ever be too busy to celebrate the benchmarks of your relationship–your first date, your first kiss, your first trip, your engagement or the day you made your commitment, and your wedding day.

Renew your vows. With or without a ceremony, you’ll relish recalling the feeling that came with those words uttered so many years ago. Say those words of commitment again to the person you’re now blissfully spending the rest of your life with.

Susana and Antonio, who live in the United States, were married in their native country, Ecuador. At least once every five years, they return to Ecuador to visit their relatives. Each time they make the trip, the first thing they do is to go to the church where they got married. There, in front of the altar, they hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, and recite their wedding vows. No ceremony. No fanfare. Just a couple in love renewing the promises they made at that very altar many years ago.

From The Busy Couple’s Guide to Everyday Romance, Fun and Easy Ways to Keep the Spark Alive


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