About the Author

Editha Rodriguez discovered her passion for writing when she was a teenager. Her mom, the most influential person in her life, discouraged her from pursuing a writing career because “writers starve.” Though she switched to a different career path as a result, she never gave up on her dream to move, amuse, teach and help people through writing.

A guide for busy couples wasn’t what she had in mind for her first book, though. She explains in The Busy Couple’s Guide to Everyday Romance:

“This is a book I didn’t intend to write. But as those who truly know me will attest, most of my decisions in life are the result of following my intuition–that nudge that usually makes me stumble onto another path that I have no intention of taking. So here I am, not to proclaim expertise on romance, but as a romantic with a message.”

It was only after she read the completed manuscript, just before she sent it to the publisher, that she realized: if its timeless message of everyday romance transforms even one committed couple’s relationship, then she would have achieved her goal.

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