…each moment of hesitation is a special moment lost forever.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Life is fleeting. A horrible accident or a sudden illness can end your relationship in the blink of an eye.

A couple enjoying a relaxing evening at their home died instantly when a helicopter spun out of control, landed on their house, and burst into flames.

A husband suffered a heart attack, lost control of his car, and collided head-on with another car instantly killing him and his wife.

Life is replete with tragic stories like these—stories of couples who may or may not have gotten the chance to say “good-bye,” and “I love you” one last time.

Are you willing to take this risk?


Ask the kids to make suggestions for the love notes that you leave all over the house for your partner. What they come up with, in addition to the make-special ideas, can reveal how they truly perceive you not just as parents, but as a couple.

Save these make-special sheets and love note suggestions from your children. Years later, when they’re all grown and have left the nest, take these treasures out during a family dinner or two and reminisce on those moments. Then get fresh ideas from them for future date nights.

Witnessing your devotion to each other will make it easier for your children to lay a foundation of love, trust, and respect when building their own committed relationships.

How’s that for a legacy?


…on how to make your partner feel special. Adopt the attitude that romance is not about you, but about delighting this person whom you’ve promised to love and cherish for the rest of your life.

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