How to be Romantic

To many of us, being romantic doesn’t come naturally. I’ve come up with the following Romantic Tips to come to the aid of the romantically challenged. (Having said that,  romance must but not be created at the expense of good judgment. To paraphrase a comment: “Just because your head is in the clouds doesn’t mean you can’t keep your feet on the ground.”)


It’s not enough for your man to know that you love him, he must know that you admire and appreciate him, too. And be specific. For instance, when he does something that tugs on your heartstrings,  don’t just say, “That was nice of you to do that.” Say “when you went out of your way to walk that old lady across the street, I was really touched by your gesture–I was so proud of you, honey.”

Never assume that he knows how you feel.


When you’re holding her close–whether in a quick hug, a cuddle, or a slow dance–let her be the first to let go. A woman feels warm and safe when her man’s arms are wrapped around her, especially when she senses that you’re going to hold her close for as long as she wants to.

When a romantic phone conversation ends, let her be the first to hang up. It’ll make her feel that you don’t want that time with her to end.


Never give a gift without a romantic card or a note, even if you give the gift in person. Somehow this often-forgotten item adds great value to the gift, whether it’s a one-liner or a page. The words need not be related to the gift, but must always express your feelings.

If you’re someone who says, “I’m not a writer,” there’s hope for you:

–Put a blank note card in front of you, pen in hand. Close your eyes–imagine your sweetheart holding the gift, and just before he or she opens it, you whisper how much he or she means to you. Now, allow those loving words to travel from your head (and heart) to your hand. Open your eyes and watch as your hand moves the pen across the card. Voila! Your words of love in writing.

–Research romantic passages and copy the one that mirrors your feelings.

–At the bottom of a romantic greeting card, write “This is exactly how I feel for you.”

–Ask for help–from a friend, a neighbor, your parents, a stranger–there must be at least one person around you who has a way with words.

Sometimes the note becomes more valuable than the gift.

If it’s a gag gift, you can write something funny (it doesn’t have to be original), followed by something sweet, like “I love the sound of your laughter.”



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