This is an important addition to the “keep the spark alive” literature. It is a quick read, with lots of useful tips to consider. They cover the gamut from some basic ideas, to many new and creative concepts. It is a well-written book, with the theme that a lasting romance is a process of continuous renewal. It serves as a good reminder that most successful relationships require constant care and attention, along with lots of heartfelt energy.

Sam Powell–Houston, Texas


I thoroughly enjoyed Editha’s short but packed-with-uplifting ideas book. It was easy to read, filled with great quotes from people who’ve “been there.” Editha’s charming, accepting and light-hearted personality shines through as she provides a plethora of information and suggestions! Get it and take your relationship up a notch!

Christina Webb–Houston, Texas


Congratulations!!! I love your book. It offers such a positive outlook on life and can certainly add a spark to every relationship. In this day and time when marriages are so fragile and broken it is so uplifting to read your special suggestions to keep the spark alive. I think your writing appeals to both men and women. It’s very easy reading and so positive and fun to read.

The ideas and suggestions you write about are so unique and most helpful to couples.The advice is priceless, offers hope for strained relationships, and can add sparkle to good relationships. How refreshing!!! Your parting words of wisdom are also so positive and allows couples to become proactive in their own relationships–to keep the flames roaring.

Again, congratulations on a job well done. Just let me know when you will be appearing on Oprah.

Sylvia Hartman–Spring, Texas


I really, really liked it. The intro where you describe how easy it is to not find time for each other was right on. Chapter 1 really nailed what needs to be done to keep a relationship thriving. I could easily see how couples could unknowingly sabotage their relationship thru neglect. So true!

Your idea of involving the kids in planning their parents’ special time for each other was brilliant – and effective! My husband and I would never have come up with that on our own.

I have to now re-think my own actions and see how much better I can make my relationship with my husband.

Esther Contreras–Houston, Texas


A delightful book for couples determined to stay in love! Editha Rodriguez has obviously collaborated with very happily married couples, all of whom have offered wonderful insights and suggestions for keeping the romance going. A fun read!

Shanna (Bo) and Charlie Tigner–Houston, Texas


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