Romantic Moments

Here’s one couple’s Romantic Moment in THE BUSY COUPLE’S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY ROMANCE:

On the nights that I was in Springfield, we’d talk and laugh over the phone, sharing the humor and frustrations of our days apart, and I would fall asleep content in the knowledge of our love.

—Barack Obama,
on conversations with his wife, Michelle,
in his book The Audacity of Hope:
Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream


Won’t you share your own Romantic Moments and/or Romantic Tips?  Your story may be just the one that  another couple needs to know to inspire them to transform their love life.

Currently unattached? Yes, you can still make a positive impact. A Romantic Moment with a former partner may no longer mean anything to you, but there’s a couple out there who’d be so grateful you shared it. You just never know.

Share your Romantic Moment in the comment box below (anonymously, if you prefer). Let us know how long you’ve been in your current relationship. Include your Web site, if any. Author reserves the right to edit all contributions.

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